A ‘Farm-to-table’ Restaurant

  • Chani of Reresis, Greece

    Antonis was in Reresi and he wants to present you an old restaurant that's very popular in the area. The "Chani of Reresis" can be found in the Mountain Nafpaktia. It's a place that played an essential role in the region's movements until 1950. It's on the old road of Nafpaktia-Lamia, before the 2nd bridge. It serves traditional food like pies, hunts, and sausages.

    The neat tables await the hunters.

    "We are open even on Easter and Christmas" says Mrs. Nitsa, the owner of the Chani."We offer food and shelter to breeders, trainees, passers-by, and caravans. In humans and animals. That's why our cauldrons are baking every day, even on public holidays". "After the meal you can enjoy our baklava with almonds", she continues with the smile and hospitality that is "taught" from generation to generation.


    On November 29th pupils from the class realising the project paid a visit to a popular restaurant in Goleniów called „Dom Polski” („Polish House”).  This place is well-known from its traditional Polish cuisine and frequently used as a venue for family gatherings and official receptions for up to 50 people.  It also has a section which sells ready-made dishes, salads and cakes.  The owner of the restaurant is Mrs Irena Sidorowicz, who greated us heartily witha traditional Polish dinner.  Later she told us about her eduaction and career, the beginnings of which reached the period of communism in Poland.  It was really interestng to learn how hard it was then to be independent.  Finally, after years of working in various institutions form kindergartens to youth clubs and restaurants, the her biggest dream came true.  For over ten years she has been a successful businesswoman.  In her restaurant she combines her love for food with love for art, as it is also decorated with traditional handiwork and paintings.  It was an inspiring meeting.  

    Gęś w Dymie 

    In January, we hosted in our school Marcin Pławecki -the chef and owner of Gęś w Dymie restaurant. This farm-to-table restaurant, rated in the Michelin Guide Poland, serves fresh organic food grown locally or food from approved suppliers and farmers.

    Here is the restaurant latest menu (May) and the interview with the chef.


    Cold Smoked Goose Breasts

    (Pickled Pine Mushrooms, Traditional Sourdough Bread (baked in a stone oven), Goose Liver in Lard with Onions and Marjoram)

    Venison Tartare with Siberian Sturgeon Caviar   

    (Shallot, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickled Porcini, Wild Forest Herbs, Egg Yolk)

    Beet Green Soup with Crayfish

    (Quail Egg, Dill)


    Griled Ojcowski Brown Trout

    Béarnaise Sauce with Wild garlic (Ramson), Courgette, Fresh Spinach, Vinaigrette, Young Potatoes with Dill

    Goose Leg Confit

    (Young Potatoes with Butter and Dill / Young Cabbage with Dill)

    40-Day Dry-Aged Beef Steak

    (Steak Fries with Smoked Peppers/ Spinach with Butter/ Béarnaise Sauce)

    Grilled Venison Comber with Green Asparagus

    (Spelt Groats with Beet Green and Forest Mushrooms)


    Crème brûlée (with farm fresk eggs)

    Mint Ice cream with Melissa/ Pine Syrup

    The interviewers and the author of the subtitles::Klaudia Kaptur, Grzegorz Golonka (Class 2G), Szymon Filipak (Class 3G2).