C2 (Oulu, Finland)


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    C2  Short Term Teacher Training Event

    7th December 2019 arrival

    8th December - social day

    9th-11th December - working days




     ​​​​​in Oulu task distribution.docx


    VT4P Oulu _ invitation.pdf


    VT4P Oulu meeting 2019 AGENDA.pdf

        report by Ms Donka Georgieva

    Joint Report Oulu_2019_C2.pdf

    STTE_Oulu_FI in Bulgarian.pdf

    Training materials


    Economic cycle.docx

    VT4P Good Practices at Luovi _FI.pdf



    ENGLISH -SELF EVALUATION.zip     PT                 

    IPB Self evaluation PT.pdf

    progress & achievement template


    Teacher empowerment_GR

    TEPS _PL

    TEPS activity _PL

    TEP group work results 11 Dec 2019.docx


    Towards School development plan I.pptx

    towards School development plan I pdf.pdf


    DISSEMINATION  by the French team

    Expert training/conference with Prof. J. Hattie


    compte rendu conference hattie FR.pdf


    Presentations:  "School development through students' eyes".

                                       ( based on  school development questionnaire )         

    1. BG   

    Students Questionnaire -results_ BG.pdf

    Questionnaire_VT4P School development through students_BG.pdf


    2. DE


    3. FI
    4. FR

    questionnaire FR.pdf


    5. GR 

    Lesson Evaluation Sheet for Students.docx

    6. IT 


    7. PL


    8. PT

    IPB Self evaluation PT.pdf

    ApresentaçãoVT4P results PT.pptx

    Auto-avaliação (1).docx

    9. TR


    Measuring educational impact_PL

    TEPs results _Oulu Training


    Europass mobility Certificate  (content proposal) dates 9-11 Dec.2019

    Objective of the Europass Mobility experience

    Teacher Professionalization.
    Participating in teacher training on maximizing impact on learning processes.
    Teacher empowerment and school development.
    Reducing the risk of early school leaving.
    Exchanging  good practices.

    Initiative during which the Europass Mobility experience is completed

    Visible Teaching 4 Performance  Erasmus plus project  - 2017-1-PL01-KA219-038284_1


    Introduction to J. Hattie’ system of measuring educational impact. 
    Identifying strong and weak promoters of sustainable learning processes.         
    Self-evaluation in the light of Prof. Hattie’s research. 
    Sharing good practices on what makes good teaching. Workshop on requirements for good teaching. (The Finnish experience)
    Sharing good practices ( presenting self-evaluation forms ). 
    Dissemination of the results of the expert meeting with Prof. John Hattie “The Learning Revolution with Professor John Hattie” (world conference in London 12th Nov. 2019)
    TEPs (Teacher empowerment plans) Presentation of the model TEP. 
    Collaborating to design the common TEP format for  sustainability. 
     School development through students’ eyes. Presenting  results of the questionnaire for students (data collected in nine partner schools).               
    Towards  common school development plan -  part I.         
    Ongoing project evaluation focused on the following questions:
    1.    How have you benefited from the training in Oulu?
    2.    How will your school benefit from your participation in this training? 
    Participating in the coordinator meeting ( emphasis on sustainability). New project proposals.  
    Team building activities - socializing and cultural activities.

    Job-related skills and competences acquired

    Identifying key motivators of maximizing impact on learning processes.
    The concept of "self-evaluation" in successful teaching and learning. 
    Developing the idea of good teaching - learning from the Finnish experience.
    School development, teacher empowerment management skills.

    Language skills and competences acquired (if not included under ‘Job-related skills and competences’)

    Key competence 2 - communication in foreign languages in the international environment ( English, basic communication during social activities - level  A1/A2)
    Receptive language skills with professional vocabulary - level B2, C1.
    Productive language skills with professional vocabulary - level B2.
    Using the second language as an effective  communication tool for professional purposes. Discussing educational processes, methodology of teaching and project collaboration.

    Digital skills

    Applying  basic ICT skills  for project collaboration, using  project communication channels ( Azendoo, etwinning Twinspace, google forms, etc.)

    Organisational skills and competences acquired (if not included under ‘Job-related skills and competences’)

    Project management and team building skills.  

    Communication skills

    Effective collaboration in international project team skills. 

    Other skills and competences acquired 

    Developing project evaluation skills  and planning to use the acquired competences and
    knowledge for further local and regional dissemination. 
    Developing international collaboration skills  for  sustainability and further partnership.