TPMs Rybnik/Crotone

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     1st Transnational Project Meeting in Rybnik         13th -17th December 2017


    1. “Taking account of the thematic field. Hattie’s Visible Learning Concept”.
    2. Analyzing Status Quo in partner schools based on Hattie’s questionnaire. Analyzing national, regional and school drop-out rate.
    3. Identifying motivators of maximizing  impact on learning. Partner schools’ recent development plans. Introduction to the concept of Feedback.
    4. Communication channels including blended mobility.
    5. Logo competition.
    6. Evaluation of the ongoing  activities (SWOT analysis).
    7. Planning further work in the light of experts’ recommendations.

    students' report  PL   ( by Pola, Gosia and Joasia) 

    students' report DE  (by Tim and Sahin)   

    invitation    agenda joint report by Ms Donka Georgieva    


    Meeting with The Mayor of Rybnik 15.Dec. 2017

    SWOT analysis


                                        Conclusions after  SWOT analysis  / implications for improvement


      1st TPM  photos

    Donka's presentation Christmas 2017 :) 

     2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Crotone  14- 18 November 2018 

    2nd TPM Crotone_ AGENDA final draft.pdf

    italy joint report.docx

     invitation   agenda updated  joint report


    VT4P student mobility selection criteria (agreed on during the 2nd TPM, 16th Nov. 2018, Crotone) :

    1. Commitment and motivation for VT4P project work.

    2. Active participation on Twinspace.

    3. Meeting deadlines.

    4. Fewer opportunities / disability.