Final products

  • Project partners collaborated in 6 activities and the final outcomes (9) of their cooperation can be found here. It should noted that none of the outcomes below would have been possible without the contribution of all project partners.

    1. Art Made in Med+

    a. Google slide of visual and folk arts

    b. selection of works of visual and folk arts 

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    2. Language Made in Med+

    Google drawing of the Solar System

    3. Food Made in Med +

    a. Presentation of Mediterranean tree and fruit:Olive

    b. A list and an interactive map of products produced in all 4 countries (list and map) -

    Local Produce Map Made in Med+ 

    c .Traditional dishes & desserts 

    4. Myths Made in Med+ 

    Book of Myths Made in Med +

    4. Music and Dance Made in Med+ 

    Assortment of dances and songs


    5. Religion Made in Med+

    Familiarization with Religious Celebrations 

    Fruit Map Made in Med is ready. From a list of fruit growing in all four project countries, 4 are drawn, colored and attached to the map along with audio files of pupils saying the names of fruit in 5 languages (English, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Greek)