Made in Med+

Based on Cultural Education, “Made in Med+” focuses on the theme of Mediterranean cultural heritage and the effect such a legacy has had on all four participating countries. The project aims primarily at pointing to the proximity of the three countries, Italy, Turkey and Greece and the manifold connections between heritage and Mediterranean people ...

ICT tools

For "Made in Med+", plenty of web 2.0 tools, software and applications were used.

The end products (drawings, videos, eBooks, slideshows to name but a few)  

have been embedded in the Pages and/or the Project Journal posts.





















padlet for introductions and dissemination

Meetingwords for collaborative planning

Wordart for word clouds

Messenger for communication

Mentimeter for evaluation

Pixiz for book cover

Ourboox for the digital book of myths

postermywall, photovisi, befunky for collages

Scoompa video for videos

writeurl to write cooperatively the myth book

Google drawing for the language activity

Zeemap for the fruit map

Piktochart and for infographics 

​YouTube Greek School Network to upload and share project videos

Windows Live Movie Maker for videos 

Paint to edit images 

ThingLink of Partners' Traditional Dances material

prezi for the Olive presentation

Google slides for the Art slideshow

Unsplash, Startup Stock Photos, Pexels for free images





Author: Despoina Konstantopoulou
Last editor: Natalia Tzitzi