Language Made in Med+

  • To explore further the similarities that exist among project partners' cultures

    the children edit a picture of our Solar System online

    adding the names of the planets in their native language 


    Phase 3

    The Google drawing completed with the names of the planets of our Solar System in all four partners' native languages + project language 

    Turkish names in blue font, Italian in redUkrainian in green, Greek handwritten in purple & English


    Phase 2

    The Google drawing is almost complete!


    Phase 1

    How it all started

    "The first days of this school year, the teachers and the pupils of the Third Grade started dealing with the Twelve Olympians. We tried to discover the influence of this ancient Greek myth in different fields such as astronomy, geography, art and culture. We found out, between everything else, that the planets of our solar system were named after the ancient Greek gods. For this reason, we decided to construct a model of the solar system, using simple materials, paper, plastic, wood and color and name the planets. We were excited because that was the start of one more collaboration that reveals another similarity between our language and the languages of our partners.