Made in Med+

Based on Cultural Education, “Made in Med+” focuses on the theme of Mediterranean cultural heritage and the effect such a legacy has had on all four participating countries. The project aims primarily at pointing to the proximity of the three countries, Italy, Turkey and Greece and the manifold connections between heritage and Mediterranean people ...

Religion Made in Med+

Popular Customs indicative of the Religions of the project countries are shared

so as to familiarize children with the notion of diversity in religion and

reinforce the attitude of Religious Pluralism 

regarding the diversity of religious belief systems co-existing in society


Partners share here images, videos and/or files related to 

Art that has been influenced by their religion.

Project Pupils add

1. Christmas dances and songs,

2. Easter customs & Ramadan traditions, 


             Up to 3 different files/images/videos can be added to each topic. 

The material provided by partners will be used to create an eBook or poster or another creation depending on the type of files.  

Author: Natalia Tzitzi
Last editor: Natalia Tzitzi