Myths Made in Med+

  • Myths Made in Med is an activity which is organised in 4 phases.

    Phase 4

    Final product: a digital Book of Myths MadeinMed+ "Myths Made in Med+" is a collection of four myths each contributed by a different project partner but all following the same pattern of  sea voyagers that  cope with dangers which are sometimes disguised as something beautiful. 

    Phase 3

    After sharing the myths, each project class was assigned the myth of a partner to draw or act out!  Below you can see what we have done with our partners' myths 

    To embellish our stories the children's drawings and videos were used.


        The Myth of Parthenope 





    Phase 2

    Project partners share myths that share the same pattern of  sea voyagers that  cope with dangers which are disguised as something beautiful. 

    The Myth of Odysseus (Greece)         The Myth of Parthenope (Italy)

    The Myth of Akana (Turkey)              The Myth of  Kotygoroshko (Ukraine) 


    Phase 1

    Initially partners focus on the following issue: Mediterranean (+ European) cultures share the universal myth of sea voyagers who manage to avoid Sirens. Sirens are dangerous creatures, who lure sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

    Use the writeurl below to copy-paste the myth of Odysseus and edit it so as to tell the story of your culture's sea voyager who managed to pass the cliffs of the Sirens unharmed.  

    How wonderful! Thank you, Maria, for this photo you shared after the children performed on stage the Italian Myth of Parthenope which resembles the Greek Myth of Odysseus and the Sirens but it is also echoed in the Ukrainian Myth of Kotygoroshko who wasn't tempted by beautiful Mermaids and all our sea voyagers could be helped by the beautiful sea lady of the Turkish Myth of Akana!!! For those interested take a look at all 4 myths below