Music & Dance Made in Med+

  • Phase 3: Partners' videos, texts and images of dancing and singing are placed in the four corners of the Thinglink below, one corner for each country. The project classes' attempts to dance the dances or sing the songs presented by the project partners are placed in the center of the ThingLink.


    Phase 2: Partners collect the necessary material for 4 songs and dances 


    Song title 


    /what it sounds like/

    (what it means in English)

    YouTube video/s

    (links to videos where the song is sung and /or danced to)

    Lyrics for partners to sing

    (preferably the first 2 lines of the song)


    Song "La tarantella della mozzarella"

    "Mozzarella dance" Tarantella della mozzarella, salta con la taranta
    Anche se pizzica male non fa.
    Tarantella della mozzarella, mozzarella della tarantella della mozzarella ué!


    "Pinch" traditional dance of south Italy

    "Ой смереко, чарівна моя смереко"

    /oy smereko, rozkazhy meni smereko/

    Oh fir tree, tell me the fir tree".

    "Ой, смереко" - Улюблена пісня!


    /oy smereko, rozkazhy meni smereko, chom do tebe tak daleko charivna moya smereko/ (twice)

    Erik dalı gevrektir.

    Pulm branch is crunchy

    Erik Dalı Gevrektir
    Erik Dalı Gevrektir
    Amanın Basmaya Gelmez
    Haydi Basmaya Gelmez

    "Μήλο μου κόκκινο"

    /milo mou kokkino/

    my red apple

    "Μήλο μου κόκκινο"


    /milo mou kokkino

    roitho vameno (twice)

    yati me maranes ton pikrameno?



    Phase1 :Planning

    Collaborative Task 3: DANCE MADE IN MED
    Each partner adds a video of a traditional dance danced by the pupils and easy instructions for project partners to dance it. Add your videos to the Dance folder in the Videos section. 
    Maria has added Tarantella so the other three partners dance the Tarantella and they upload their video. Maria, could you take all 4 videos, edit them and create one video of all partners dancing Tarantella?  
    Greek partners upload "Kalamatiano" for project partners to dance and upload their video. Natalia will edit the 4 videos to create one video of all partners dancing Kalamatiano. 
    Traditional dance by the Turkish partner:  
    Traditional Dance by the Ukrainian partner: