Made in Med+

Based on Cultural Education, “Made in Med+” focuses on the theme of Mediterranean cultural heritage and the effect such a legacy has had on all four participating countries. The project aims primarily at pointing to the proximity of the three countries, Italy, Turkey and Greece and the manifold connections between heritage and Mediterranean people ...

Let's introduce ourselves

Getting to know each other

Project partners use various ways to get to know each other.

Project Teachers exchange their contact details. 

Project Teachers & Pupils introduce themselves during an online meeting with project partners

Project pupils also use vokis or videos to talk about themselves.

Pupils share  images and videos about their Classes, Schools and Countries 

They study Geography and draw 4 maps (one map each) depicting & naming the 4 countries and Europe in the 4 native languages.

Project partners share their school logo and group photos of children and teachers so as to create "Made in Med+" collages  





Author: Natalia Tzitzi
Last editor: Natalia Tzitzi