Made in Med+

Based on Cultural Education, “Made in Med+” focuses on the theme of Mediterranean cultural heritage and the effect such a legacy has had on all four participating countries. The project aims primarily at pointing to the proximity of the three countries, Italy, Turkey and Greece and the manifold connections between heritage and Mediterranean people ...

Overall Evaluation

Go to , use the code 745838 and post a word to evaluate the whole project. You can post up to 10 separate words to evaluate the project. Here you can also find an evaluation doc with relevant vocabulary to help you express yourself in English.

 Below the embedded tool, photos of the children using the tool or using the Students' Forum (Evaluation) are posted. For evaluation purposes, teachers used the Teachers' Forum, Project Evaluation For those who have no access to the Forum, two subpages with Teachers' Evaluation and Students' evaluation are created

Author: Natalia Tzitzi
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