ICT World 2017

We like to image some aspects of real life with software tools like GEOGEBRA and to teach coding by using SCRATCH. Materials will be drafted student-centred and facilitate also cooperative work among students in one school as well as between the school in our project. We will also foster self-guided learning and creativity among our students . Thi...



  • ​At PGU Unna (DE)  students of grade 8 can choose computer science courses learning Scratch with topics that cover English or French, also German (poems) and for quizzes history and geography.  This means that lessons of Scratch in computer science provide knowledge how to deal with Scratch so that it can  be used other subjecs (see curriculum in German).
  • As Scratch is taught e.g. in France as  a compulsory topic in math lessons there are also tasks with geometric content (see curriculum in French).



  • Didactic/methodology​​​ of teaching with GeoGebra
    • The power of GeoGebra  (DE)
    • ​​We have drafted questions to see how all partnering schools use GeoGebra in their schools. Here are the answers.


Author: Monika Schwarze
Last editor: Monika Schwarze