Winners of the Spring Contest

  • ​Winners

    ​1. place Latvia:

    ​2. place: Germany

    ​3. place: Latvia


    Results and voting procedure:  

    Many students have participated, e.g. in France more than 60 students have sent files for the national competion, in Czech republic nearly 50 students. But we have decided to offer only 4 files per country to a jury, consisting of maths teachers.

    By clicking on the picture you will get into the Geogebra Book with all files that are now in the international competition. All constructions there are dynamic and can be moved.The files that are in the competition are marked with a star.


    We used this system of points:
    Five experts in Geogebra - have built the jury. The maximum of points for each file was 11 points that could be be given by a teacher . Here is the scheme:

    •  done with a tool (yes=2, no = 1)
    •  tool used more than 3 times (yes = 1, no = 0)
    •  dynamic construction (yes= 1, no= 0)
    •  complexity of construction (1, 2, or 3)
    •  impression in general (1)
    •  artistic design (1,2 or 3)


    This picture shows certificates, presents and Latvian winners

    This picture shows the certificate for the German student Nina


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