ICT World 2017

We like to image some aspects of real life with software tools like GEOGEBRA and to teach coding by using SCRATCH. Materials will be drafted student-centred and facilitate also cooperative work among students in one school as well as between the school in our project. We will also foster self-guided learning and creativity among our students . Thi...

Project Journal

  • Congratulations to the team of Spain with the award of the Quality Label! I congratulate all participants of the project too. Now all 6 countries have a Quality Label!
    - Posted by Tatjana Vinokurova, 11.12.2017

  • We made it to our local newspaper.


    - Posted by Jana Fišerová, 05.12.2017

  • I have found a nice tool to easily create certificates if there is a lack of time to create a wonderful one with GIMP. The tool is called Certificatemagic.
    - Posted by Monika Schwarze, 27.11.2017

  • We have got it, too.
    - Posted by Monika Schwarze, 24.11.2017

  • Good news :

    label europeen 2017 (Personnalisé).JPG

    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 25.10.2017