Work ordered by math topics

  • creations by ​Geometry:

    • Congruent triangles using Max Bill paintings:

    • Congruences, parallelism and percentages in Max Bill's painting:

    • Max Bill, areas, fractions and some more maths - students described the maths behind their different paintings -> see work from German students (in German)
    • Areas of rectangles and squares: Using artwork of Piet Mondrian
    • Areas of circles: artwork of Sonia Delauney
    • Areas of irrgular forms (islands) -see work from Spain
    • Living Geometry: working with regular polygons and their properties (Latvia)


    • Transformations: Works of Italian students (IIS T Salvini 2D IT and Telecomunications) about transformations Book.
    • Transformations in Arts (RO) - GeoGebraBook



    • Square Roots on the Number Line (IT) ->ISSUU book


    Creations by Elias, grade 9 (DE)

    • Creating flowers with polynomials x², x^3, x^(1/2), x^(1/3), -x^2, ... 


    • Getting to know different type of functions and approximation of lines and curves in real life objects -> go there
    • Quadratic functions, root functions and power function y=ax^n are used to create these wonderful pictures! (see original pictures here) GeoGebra command function(x^2+1,-2,3) draws f(x)=x^2 from x=- 2 until x=3