GEOGEBRA art by using animation

  • 1. Motivation and Inspiration: Students have get inspired by video that has been made by the German artist Tilman Zitzmann who has created many, many art pieces of Minimal Art in a static way. HHe encourages students in this project to work on similar creations and try to animate it. 

    Worksheets: Students have got worksheets(DE) to get inspired. (PDF)

    Work and Results:

    Video about creating an animation

    GeoGebra Book of animations (done by students of all countries)
    Minimal art animated in another dynamic GeoGebra Book /done by all countries)
    results of a classroom project: GeoGebra Book with string art- animations (DE)

    ​​2. Challenge and cooperation: ​We finished year 2017 by offering a team competition. Students from 3 different countries had to build teams  and create a Christmas card with GeoGebra - if possible animated - but they had to use two other software tools for two more cards. For the STAR TEAM contest go here!

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