Czech Republic

  • Czech Republic is quite small. You can find it almost in the middle of Europe. Our presentation brings more information.

    The capital city is Prague.

    We are from Ostrava.


    Our school is one of the largest in Ostrava, there are over 500 pupils who attend more than 20 forms. And you can walk with pupil Lucy Kobzova from grade 8 and see the school through her eyes in the second presentation.


    In the beginning of the project we informed parents and pupils on our website and school noticeboard about the project ideas and our partners.

    On 15 January 2015, parents and children were invited to come and see what we do in our school. The Open Door Day is organized to motivate parents to enroll their 6-year old child in our school. Our team prepared a special stand under the noticeboard which was informing about our project. To get the parents´s attention, the girls prepared a survey about Fairtrade which was later used in our project meeting for our lesson. They talked to 48 parents during the afternoon. In the picture you can see our stand under the project noticeboard, the detail of the survey and the poster made to draw attention and which was used later during the meeting in Ostrava for our Fairtrade lesson.


    The first project meeting was held in Ostrava in January 2016. 


    Here you can read what was published about the Ostrava meeting in magazine called Ostavská radnice, published on official Ostrava townhall webside in Fegruary 2015 and an article which wrote Mr Buroňová for the national magazine Učitelské noviny, published in March 2015.


    Here you can read what our pupils from grade 8 Nikol Bystroňová a and Kateřina Cabadajová thought about the meeting in Ostrava. Nikol later travelled to Italy. Both articles were published in our school web magazine called Kosmos. 


    Here you can read what our pupils wrote about Czech school - you can compare it with their presentation for the second meeting in Spain.

    Meeting 2 in Marbella (SPAIN) 4 May - 8 May 2015: Here you can watch a video-clip created by Michaela Janáčová about the meeting, on the right is group photo from the town hall which was published in the local newspapers.



    Meeting 3 in Desio (ITALY) 19 - 23 October 2015: Here you can read what participant Michaela Škrabálková wrote for our school online magazine called Kosmos. On the right is the group photo of all participants from the last day study visit to Milano. We are in front of Duomo.


    On 14 January 2016 our team informed parents and children who visited the Open Door Day and came to our classroom. To attract more people to come and stay we prepared interesting noticeboards about the project developments, outcomes and a special exhibition of toys which our oldest pupils loved when they were little. Here you can see the leaflet which we handed to parents and the other day to children from form 4. B who visited our exhibition.




    Meeting 4 took part in Kells in Ireland in April 2016 and we taught lesson on chemistry experiments called "Chemistry in the kitchen". Our team introduced our lesson to other international team and presented also how pupils can learn about science. During our meeting we visited the capital of Norther Ireland Belfast, the UNESCO site called "The Giant Causeway", Ireland capital city Dublin, a fun farm where we baked bread and jumped in mud. We learnt Irish dances, cooked national dinner and had a lot of fun.



    Meeting 5 was held in Sevlievo in Bulgaria in October 2016. Here you can see Bulgarian cave, our lesson called "Art in Physics" taught interesting experiments about liguid density and surface tension, after hard work we enjoyed trips to get to know Bulgarian history and places of interests. During our trip we visited historical centre of Czech town Brno, capital towns Sofia and Vienna, historical town Veliko Targovo, open air museum, a cave and Bulgarian national competition called Science on stage. Our guest prepared an interesting lesson on making logo, a pumpkin workshop, a Halloween party. We presented our science lesson to pupils from class 4B and 4V, our national breakfast, explained how our lesson was developed to the other national teams and we presented development of two maths games for children. During sightseeing of Sevlievo we were met by the town mayor and got little presents. This time only three our pupils were accommodated in the family and 3 had to stay in a hotel because the other teams took more than 6 pupils with them. Bulgarian pupils prepared activities for those who were in the hotel and they also had a lot of fun. 

    The first picture on the left is a group photo from the Sint Niklaas town hall. The other picture on the left is a group photo before the departure of all teams to Sofia on Saturday.

    Bellow are pictures from the caves, our lesson and our team on a trip to the monastyr.



    Meeting 6 was held in Sint Niklaas in Belgium in April 2017. We visited the Brussel´s historical centre, the King´s gardens which are opened only 3 week of the year, Atomium, the European parliament, Brugges, Ghent, Sint Niklaas town hall and met the mayor. We taught our PE lesson, played the Trivial game which was created in cooperation with all other countries. Our team prepared 42 questions and answers about the Czech Republic and from Biology. We cooked cabbage pancakes for international dinner, had a disco. We took part in physics and chemistry experiments. , We taught two Czech folklore dances during the charity fair our partners and Belgium pupils.We presented two Czech scientists. From the past we chose Johann Gregor Mendel who is the founder of genetics. From present days we chose Otto Wichterle who invented gel contact lenses and Silon. He was also a very brave citizen who stood up against the German occupants during WWII. He was inprisoned for 2 months by Gestapo. Later he signed the 2000 words mannifesto and consequentla had problems to continue his work in Science. And his career was abruptly stopped. On our way home we met Mr. Mike Stannet who used to work for the Salvation Army in Ostrava and Prague and now works for charity comitee of the European parliament in Brussels. He postponed his visit to the hairdresser so that he could come and meet our team in Pizza Hut.



    Here you can see our teams from grade 7, 8 and 9 in school year 2014/15 and team from grades 7 and 9 which is learning a folklore dance Zezulenka in school year 2015/16.


    Here you can see teams which took part in the international learning visits in Spain (eating lunch in Malaga), in Italy (visiting Expo in Milano) and in Ireland (saying goodbye to host families).

    Here you can see our teams which took part in the 4th meeting in Kells in Ireland, in the 5th meeting in Sevlievo in Bulgaria in 2016 and in the 6th meeting in Sint Niklaas in Belgium in April 2017:


    In September 2016 our team work and project were awarded by eTwinning Quality Label by the Czech National Agency. Next to the award is our poster for the Opend Door Day 2017 for parents about our project. On the right there is an article from Ostrava magazine "Jižní listy" from June 2017. The main article reports Czech team results from this 3-year-project. Summary of the whole international project is in the box with logo.



    Our team was awarded with the European certificate of Quality because Italian and Bulagarian teams got their Quality Labels in October 2017.