Dissemination of the project and results-Ostrava

  • 1. Dissemination of the project in the Czech Republic

    a) Meeting in Ostrava ( 24th of January - 1st of February)

    We visited the City Hall of Ostrava. We could inform the people of Ostrava. An article on the news-website of Ostrava distribute the news of our project.   Link 

    Translation of the article: Ostrava students are learning to teach internationally - Wednesday, 28 January 2015 14:03 is attached in the document below the photos.


    dissemination in Czech magazines: 

    city magazine "Ostravská radnice" from February 2015 (translation is below the article) and national magazine "Učitelské noviny" for teachers number 9 from March 2015 (its translation is in the document below).

    The last article about the project meeting was published in national magazine for teachers called Učitelské noviny in March 2015 (number 9). Also our pupils Nikol Bystroňová (she took part in the meeting in Italy) and Kateřina Cabadajová (both from form 8) wrote about the Ostrava meeting and their articles were published in our school web magazine called Kosmos. All mentioned articles are below.


    b) Other dissemination activities of the project at Kosmonautů 15 school

    Our school informed about the project during the Open door day on 15 January 2015 and 14 January 2016. We prepared noticeboards (below) and a stand where our team members informed parents about the project goals. During both days more than 50 parents were informed, they came to see why they should send their children to our school. Parents were given a leaflet which is below. About the meeting in Italy informed Michaela Škrabálková in our school web magazine Kosmos. Her article is below.


    2. Dissemination at Liceo Majorana ( 12th of February)

    Students introduced their experience in Ostrava. Presentation

    3. Dissemination of results of the meeting in Ostrava School of Vasil Levski, Bulgaria


    czech.English (1) from daniela on Vimeo.

    4. Dessimination of the project and results in Spain.




    5. Dissemination of the project in Belgium.