Educational System, Math in Jobs and Science, Czech Scientists

  • "We will develop a supporting learning environment teaching Maths and Sciences in a broader context and real-life relevance and help to develop basic skills within a holistic approach to school education. Apart from the manual, we will have presentations "Educational system", "Jobs and how Maths is used", "How Math is used in Science", "Jobs and how Science is used", create a learning app about Maths and Science, Maths and Jobs, Science and Jobs."

    Choosing a career and secondary school - videointerviews from our school

    Some of our participants are in the last form and they are about to make the most important decision of their entire life: "What do I want to do? What school should I go now in order to achieve my goal?" Here are some ideas: 

    We are happy to learn that Míša from the second video was accepted as the top student by the prestigious well-known Ježek Music Academy in Prague in both study programs (Musicals, Pop music). Míša prefers musical singing by she is going to learn about pop music too, so one day you may hear more about her. Nikol from the third video was accepted in an Art school in Ostrava. Her dream also has become true and we believe that one day her other dream will become reality: to be healthy. Her trip to Desio was her first school trip and she really loved the time there. 


    Czech EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM - presentations for 2nd meeting in Spain

    Presentations about Czech educational system and life in a typical school were prepared for the second meeting in Marbella, Spain and explained to other international students by our pupils: Michaela Janáčová, Michaela Hladká, Karolína Hosová, Lucie Kobzová, Klára Šmírová, Nikol Bystroňová and Michaela Škrabálková from form 9. Most of them are acting in the previous videos. In the film we added to some slides (7, 8, 9, 11, 13 a 21) commentary from Michal and Jan who did not travel. The other slides should be presented by our team, Unfortunatelly it did not work so the girls did the whole job and were awesome. Nevertheles, at least you can listen to the boys´ effort. Other presentation of the typical Czech school, lesson and classroom is below.

    Here you can watch all presentations prepared for the Marbella meeting: 2a Czech school and lesson, 2b Czech educational system, 2c Czech Republic for the international participants and our opening of the lesson in Spain with some information about our project "Teaching: an effective key to self-learning".

    Before making our presentations for the project meeting, pupils did some research and prepared their own presentations of our school. Below you can see two of them which were presented during English lessons to the peers. A video from the teaching proces in our primary school you can watch here.


    Here you can see how we learn Biology, Geography, Physics, Math and Physical Education in the field trips and during other after school activities:



    MATHS IN JOBS - presentation for 3rd meeting in Italy

    Presentation about the role of Math in different jobs was prepared for the third short study visit in Desio in Italy. Our team decided to concentrate on doctors and the various jobs they can do when they graduate. Our team also collected some items which doctors use and made their illustration photos. 


    MATHS IN SCIENCE - presentation for 4th meeting in Ireland

    Presentations about the role of Maths in Science and Science in Maths were prepared for the 4th meeting in Kells in Ireland. Our team prepared a research to find out more about Science branches. There were too many so we put the results in the first presentation and picked only some information for the meeting. Then we studied which Maths topics taught in primary and secondary schools are used in science. But this was quite boring as we did not understand most of the stuff. You can see the results in the second presentation. Finally, we thought about Maths used in our Science lessons and prepared our presentation for the study visit in Ireland. We used results from our previous projects and also Science activities from the former meetings in Spain and Italy where we worked toghether with other partner countries on Science experiments.


    In the first photo, Natálie is presenting the role of Math in Science. In the second photo, Susan explains how Maths is implemented into Science projects and lessons in our school. In the third photo, you can see our team explaining their experiment to pupils in an Irich elementary school.


    CZECH SCIENTISTS JOHANN GREGOR MENDEL and OTTO WICHTERLE  - presentation for 6th meeting in Belgium

    Presentation of one Czech Scientist from the past and one Czech scientists from the presence was the task for the last meeting in Belgium. In the beginning we did not know who to choose but all of us agreed on Otto Wichterle. Our teacher suggested a Nobelist, chemic Jan Heyrovský, because the Czech Republic has only two winners of the Nobel prize. And the other one got it for literature. But our team did not understand what he did, so we suggested Otto Wichterle who invented contact lenses and during our work we learnt a lot of interesting facts from his personal and professional life. He almost died when he was a child and he was sick for a long time and could not attend school. His doctor believed that he will live one week, one month and after a year the boy was still alive. He was schooled at home and when he was finally fit enough to attend school he skipped two years. When he graduated chemical university he continued to study medicine while he was teaching university students chemistry. He allowed his students to join protests against Nazi occupation of our country and the university were closed two days later. Wichterle had to find another job to avoid being send to Germany to work in a factory. He moved to Zlín and invented Silon which is similar to Nylon. After War II, he invented first contact lenses using aparatus built from a children construction toy Mercur and dynamo from his son´s bike. The first lenses were born on the kitchen table during Christmas. Later he proved his personal courage when he signed a manifesto criticizing the communist system. He was persecuted for this, and his career was over. We had a problem to find a scientist from the past, there are many of them, finally we chose Johann Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics because we have learnt a little bit already and we like Biology and our teacher said that one day we will learn more about his laws in secondary schools. And that his experiments we will be able to understand. We also learnt a lot about Czech history through his life because he was born near Ostrava but at that time our country was part Austrian imperium. This point connects are chosen scientists, and Gregor Mendel was also very sick when he was young. So we learnt that people can achieve a lot inspite of difficult circumstances and that some people really love education.