•  1.   Astronomy  lesson


    This is Astronomy lesson plan         This is a Quiz 

    This is a presentation on the Astronomy lesson.


    Teacher - Gabriel Mihov:

    The Astronomy lesson, presented at the first meeting in the Czech Republic, was created with the help of Physics teachers from our school. Paper models of the planets were used and also dough balls and plastic sticks, which had to be arranged as constellations as a part of a game. The students were interested in the subject and paid attention throughout the lesson. After the lesson a fun quiz was presented containing questions considering the information from the lesson in which the students answered correctly to all of the questions.


      2.  Biology  lesson

                                           Food Chain              

    This is a presentation on the Food Chain lesson.


    School:  SU “ Vassil Levski” -Bulgaria

    Students:  Gabriela Beloeva, Angel Gotsov, Lyuben Stanchev


    Subject:  Biology

    Goals: Understanding students with food chains in nature, their place in nature and some characteristic properties


        I. Introduction   - to acquiant students with the topic

                 Nature always has surprises such as the relationships between animals’.  Students        are shown different kinds of relationships between animals in a video film- some of unusual, lovely ones

       II. Presentation – Partnerships in Nature

                 Students study and discuss partnerships in Nature from biological point of view. They are shown different kinds of relationships between animals like mutualism, symbiosis, commensalism and parasitism. They are given examples and asked if they can tell us some other representatives of these relationships.


                 Students are given the chance to sum up and revise what they have learned from the presentation by answering some questions related to the topic. By doing this, we make sure that all the students have understood the lessnon.


           Game 1- Wordpuzzle

            Students are given sheets of paper to do wordpuzzle individually or in groups to help each other. The words in the puzzle are related to the topic and by finding them, the students are given the opportunity to revise what they have learned once again. In the end of the game, one student from each group is asked to go in front of the class and show which words his/her group has found.

              Game 2 – Foodchains

              Students are introduced to three different foodchains to study them while playing the game.  After that, four volunteers are asked to come in front of the class. We stick pictures of different animals on their backs so that they can see only the animals on their classmates‘ back. Then, the student should line up in the right order of the foodchain. First should be the student with the producer on his back and then the students with pictures of the consumers.


    1. Follow up – Students will summerise and conclude on the topic

                                 Vidoe 2 – Animals are really friendly and outgoing despite their outer appearance



    Mart 2015, at the primary school Vasil Levski, included into the project work – Sevlievo, Bulgaria

    Students wanted to pre-teach the lesson they were preparing.

    Age of students 12 years

    Students seemed to be very interested in the topic, they took active part in the activities


    Lesson1: 25.04.2016, Kells,Ireland

                    Age of students 10-11 years       


    Angel Gotsov:

    We presented our Biology lesson in front of primary school students. It was about the relationships between animals and food chains. We prepared a presentation which included interesting videos and pictures. After that we played a few games on the subject. The students were very active and everyone of them wanted to participate in the games. Overall, the students understood and enjoyed our lesson.

    This is Biology lesson plan           

    These are additional materials - worksheets. The children worked in small groups and each group received them.