• MUSIC LESSONS - 2 lessons


    1) TOPIC: song "Falling slowly" 

    prepared by: 8 grade pupils + Music teacher Marek Pabjan

    target pupils: Erasmus+ students, age 15 - 17

    place: primary school Kosmonautů 15, Ostrava, the Czech Republic

    date: 26 January 2015 (1st project meeting, CZ)

    teaching materials: lesson plan

    video from the activity: vocal practice, learning to sing Falling slowly 


    2) TOPIC: Czech culture and traditions - folklore dance and song "Babsky z Korně"

    prepared by: 8 grade pupils + Music teacher Marek Pabjan, English teacher Alena Buroňová

    target pupils: Spanish pupils, age 11 - 13

    place: IES profesor Pablo del Saz, Marbella, Spain

    date: 5 May 2015 (2nd project meeting, SP)


    teaching materials: presentation of Czech folklore, lesson description for the Manual, lesson plan with results for teachers, worksheet for pupils


    Play list for videos in the table:

    1) Beginning - Introduction of the team, Erasmus+project and our country and town to Spanish pupils

    2) Motivation - Performance of famous Czech traditional steps "Karičky" and song "Zalužicki polo"

    3) CLIL - Presentation of the Czech traditions and costumes from our region, introduction of target song and dance "Babsky z Korně" and explanation of the Czech words with worksheet activity, translation into Spanish was cut (video was too long) and learning Czech pronuntiation and melody of the song with Czech words

    4) Teaching melody of the song with our translation into English

    5) Performance of the target dance "Babsky z Korně", with Czech song and Mr. Pabjan is playing the keyboard

    6) Teaching Spanish pupils the steps of the "Babsky z Korně" dance

    7) Detailed description of the lesson preparation from the beginnig through teaching in Marbella to the evaluation