• Games created for project Teaching: An effective key to self-learning


    1.   Games invented by our team



    For the 5th meeting of the project, like all teams, we were also tasked with creating an educational game. First of all we decided on the medium – traditional board game utilizing turns, pawns and dice roll for movement. We explored several concepts and eventually decided on a history and geography themed card game with trivia questions. The cards and questions concerned the countries participating in the project.

    We started by asking students from each of their countries about their most important historic figures, landmarks, events and artefacts. With their picks in mind we did research and gathered short info for around ten subjects from each country, which we later turned into cards.

    Each card has a unique effect, changing the position of a pawn on the board or starting a duel. Duels occur between two players, with a third player reading a question from the booklet, the first player to answer correctly, gaining the advantage.

    Up to 6 players can play at a time, with some cards offering benefits to several players, allowing for enemies to team up, until the deciding moment when only one can be the victor.







    2.   Games invented by our team and in cooperation with the others

    In our cooperative game, Bulgaria had the task of creating the Geography questions    LINK