Bulgarian folklor

    School:  SU “ Vassil Levski” -Bulgaria

    Students:  Siana Kaloianova, Angel Gotcov


    Subject:  Music

    Goals: to get students acquainted with Bulgarian folklore and dances and compare it to the local songs

     Students work individually, in pairs and in small groups


    Means:  a game introducing the specific Bulgarian rhythm, tunes and measure – musical patterns as characteristics of Bulgarian folklor

    Materials:  presentation about Bulgarian songs – rhythm, melody, dances, musical instruments


    Begin: Presentation for students to get acquainted with  the measure in Bulgarian folk songs

    1° activity:  Students play a game about melody and rhythm in music to develop their abilities to have a good ear for music – a tune game


    2° activity:  Students play a game to differentiate rhythm patterns – students measure different tunes and melodies


    3rd activity: Students are  introduced to the main characteristics of Bulgarian folklore through a Bulgarian folklore song – they listen to the song and try to sing the first cuplet

    ( they have the lyrics shown on the board to help them sing)


    4th activity:  Students have a presentation about the Bulgarian folklore regions on the board – they watch a short video about folklore songs, traditions and typical instruments. They are shown the steps for Bulgaria choro – a typical folklore dance

     Students try to play the dance together with Bulgarian students listening to the song

    Follow up activity:  All students compare both Bulgarian and local folklore songs – they have the opportunity to sing their favourite traditional song typical for their countries culture, they point to the similarities and find differences.



    Try-out: December 2014, at the primary school Vasil Levski, included into the project work – Sevlievo, Bulgaria

    Students wanted to pre-teach the lesson they were preparing.

    Age of students 9 – 10 years

    Students seemed to be very interested in the topic, they took active part in the activities


    Lesson1: 27.01.2015, Ostrava

                 Age of students 13-14 years

                 Students in Ostrava school  seemed to be interested in what they saw in the presentation about the Bulgarian folklore, they were eager to try the Bulgarian folk dance and had a lot of fun together with Bulgarian students while dancing under the melody of the song. It wasn’t difficult for them to sing the couplet from the Bulgarian song although they didn’t know the language. They wanted to repeat this activity twice.





    Here we learn Bulgarian horo


    This is the presentation to the lesson