A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship

AVITAE (A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship) aims to blend the study of the classical world with the analysis of examples of ancient entrepreneurship: students are going to follow the footsteps of the first entrepreneurs, study the evolution of entrepreneurship through time and finally apply what they have learnt in theory i...

Dissemination Manager Reports (SPAIN)

This is the report presented in Italy. It covers the dissemination done by AVITAE team in the period from Cyprus 2016 to Italy, February 2017.


This is the report presented in Cyprus. It covers the dissemination done by AVITAE team in the period from Tenerife, april 2016 and Cyprus, October 2016.



The following report was presented in Tenerife by the dissemination manager (Spain). It covers the dissemination activities the members of the project have carried out in the period October 2015 to April 2016.


This report was presented in Greece international meeting. It contains the dissemination activities carried out by the countries in the project in the period January 2015 to April 2015.


The Spanish Team has created a Blog to disseminate, both in Spain and among the other countries, the activities and outputs done in the AVITAE project. Have a look!

This document contains the general information about dissemination activities done by all the countries from February until May.


Although all the information about dissemination from Denmark to Greece will be shown during our next meeting in Arta, these are some of the things that have been done until now.


AVITAE in an article in local newspaper “Il Tirreno”.


AVITAE from the school newspaper (“machiavelli espresso”) -digital edition (pp. 9-13).


AVITAE in TV:  NEWS IN NoiTvLucca (ITALIAN TV) CAN BE SEEN IN YOU TUBE (Marzo 2015). A group of students from Orestad Gymnasium  (Copenhagen) are received in  Liceo Machiavelli (Lucca).



AVITAE project and Denmark meeting in an article in national online portal for education.


AVITAE in an article in official site of Bratislava regional government.



AVITAE in an article in the official blog of Canary Islands goverment for European Projects.



During our project meeting in Denmark, our Dissemination Manager informed us about all dissemination activities we have done so far. Really lot of work done 

These are the dissemination activities we would like to do for the AVITAE Project.


Author: Carmen Nieves Hernández Brito
Last editor: Kornélia Lohyňová