A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship

AVITAE (A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship) aims to blend the study of the classical world with the analysis of examples of ancient entrepreneurship: students are going to follow the footsteps of the first entrepreneurs, study the evolution of entrepreneurship through time and finally apply what they have learnt in theory i...

The AVITAE recipe book

Here you can enjoy reading our AVITAE Recipebook - Ancient cooking with an innovative twist

Food has been the protagonist of trading markets since their very beginning. It plays an unquestionably important role in our history. Students from all partner schools cooperated for the digital publication of an old recipes book, inspired by information found in old texts and by traditional recipes which have travelled from generation to generation.

We prepared our Recipebook together according to these instructions

Author: Kornélia Lohyňová
Last editor: Michal Kovac