• "Young Entrepreneurs Exploiting the Ancient World" Students combine the knowledge of the ancient world coming from the previous two years with the training they received in Cyprus in order to build their own school-based companies. They will decide on their product or service, raise capital, develop their product, brand and market it throughout the school year. Students from partner countries will give feedback to each others´ company to help them to be successful. Companies from partner schools will form cooperations between them.  


    Steps to set the mini-company


    1. Form teams

    2. Brainstorm the ideas of your future business. Basically, go through this process: finding problem – brainstorm solutions – create business idea. Deadline - November 15th

    3. When having your proposal of business idea, post it in twinspace – this subpage – and then give and receive feedback from others (teachers including) (like it was in Cyprus). Deadline for feedback - December 1st

    4. Then work on your business idea and use ICT tool Canvanizer – here is the lean canvas I made with explanation how to do it Create your lean canvas of your team and put it to the Forum, Minicompaniesto receive feedback.    Deadline: December 10th   Deadline for feedback: December 20th 

    5. Then work on the SWOT analysis based on market research. You can use this

    6. You can always make changes to your canvas after constructive feedback.

    7. Next step is forming mini company. Assign roles in each team (mini-company) – CEO, marketing manager, financial manager, sales manager…. Role tasks will be set for everybody to know what to do, what is her/his responsibility. Deadline: January 15th

    8. Try to find a kind of cooperation between companies

    9. Think of product that is really possible to sell. Get money by selling shares. The price for a share can be 1 – 5 eur. It is important to know, that you don’t need to start with big money, it depends on the product you will produce. You need to create share certificates and keep evidence of all shareholders.

    10. Prepare Marketing plan – 4P – Product – Price – Place – Promotion – or just enrich lean canvas with details

    11. Prepare Branding – logo, advert, promotional materials (also for Lucca trade fair)

    12. The same counts for financial plan (costs, revenue, profit expected – according to the expected sale)

    13. Start selling ….