Preparing Cook Book

  • Create The Virtual Cooking Book


    There will be 5 teams of students - in each team there is one student from the different country.

    1. Each country will find old recipes of their own – traditional and/or old recipes (as old as you can go back). There will be 5 old recipes from each country - 1 starter, 1 soup, 2 main dishes, 1 dessert ( deadline  September 15) - this is a “national” task

    Write your recipes to this document

    1. Then students will work in international teams.  Each international team will chose different recipes - one from each country. They will then communicate and decide how to transfer 7 old recipes into modern menu - e.g. how to make it healthy, tasty, trendy…..they will not create 7 new dishes, but create menu for a special target group from  the old recipes (they will use those recipes as a base  for their modern menus ).

    Please, have a look at Menu instructions - here:

    First they have to decide for which target group they will create menu (e.g. for  primary schools, secondary schools, young people (a new trend), children birthday party, historical interested people, wedding menu … is up to each team to decide

    (deadline for creating menu is September 30)


    Menu means - starter, soup, main dish, dessert    - of course you can have more complicated menu, it is up to you! You can add drinks as well.


    During Slovakia meeting the students will cook their new recipes of their own choice (not the whole menu), brand it and offer it in different stores. It will become one e-book with five different modern menus based on old recipes.


    There are 5 teams for creating menu for Bratislava meeting according to students choice:

    Each team will work in a shared document - link of the document is below the number of the team


    1st international team - creating menu

    Slovakia      Denis Zacek    

    Finland        Taina Keskitalo

    Cyprus         Maria Demetriadou   

    Denmark   Ask Urheim       

    Greece     Chris Kapsalas   

    Spain      Yolimar Siverio     

    Italy     Irene Isola    


    2nd international team - creating menu


    Slovakia   Radovan Vesely       

    Finland     Emmi Kestilä       

    Cyprus    Maria Laou         

    Denmark  Molly Tatnell   

    Greece   Thomas Kontos    

    Spain       Carlos Acosta    

    Italy Chiara Traversa      


    3rd international team - creating menu

    Slovakia      Andrea Sapakova  

    Finland      Cem Sen              

    Cyprus       Vangelis Kyriakides   

    Denmark  Amalie Vogel       

    Greece    Nefeli Nikolaou     

    Spain       Frida    Salazar    

    Italy Emma Ottavia Giannini         


    4th international team - creating menu


    Slovakia   Emily Mrazova  

    Finland    Oona Jauhiainen

    Cyprus   Stella Mattheou     

    Denmark   Juliane   Munksø  

    Greece     Stefanos Ntallas   

    Spain       Oriana Gonzalez    

    Italy Christian Michelini     


    5th international team - creating menu


    Slovakia   Kristína Letková   

    Finland     Jonna Luoto    

    Cyprus    Niki Laou      

    Denmark   Sofie Hansen         

    Greece     Theodora Sideri     

    Spain       Valeria Chinea    

    Italy   Davide Gianni