A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship

AVITAE (A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship) aims to blend the study of the classical world with the analysis of examples of ancient entrepreneurship: students are going to follow the footsteps of the first entrepreneurs, study the evolution of entrepreneurship through time and finally apply what they have learnt in theory i...

Entrepreneurship in Ancient times

Summaries of historical periods of partner countries

It is important for us to learn about our history and then share our knowledge with partner countries to be able to compare and create common product. Therefore we do research of our own country's Entrepreneurial history. We search in libraries, on internet to prepare a presentation on the life of the people who lived on the land that is now their country through time - featuring several significant periods - addressing the questions:

How was their way of life, what were the most popular occupations, what has changed through time.

Here is our work, so various, so interesting. Enjoy reading!

After studying , take our quiz prepared by students in international teams and check how you have managed to remember the interesting facts








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                     Ancient texts about entrepreneurship





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