Quiz about the history of Entrepreneurship

  • Let´s create a quiz about the history of entrepreneurship and life in partner countries. We will work as an international team. Add 6 questions from each country with 4 possible answers, just one correct. Add your questions and answers to this shared document. The deadline is December 15th 


    Here is our international team 

    Slovakia: Michal Havel, Lenka Debnarova

    Greece: Stavros Kolios, Marina Zisi

    Cyprus: Josephina Aggelidi, Melissa Geissler

    Italy: Pietro, Beatrice

    Denmark: Layal Valentina, Oliver Kaupert

    Spain: Carlos Gonzáles, Angel Navarro

    Finland: Katja Keskitalo, Jeremia Toppari

    Great work of this team! Now it is time to take the quiz