Avitae Minicompany Fair

  • Hello e-Twinnners,

    Welcome to our Virtual Avitae Minicompany Fair! In fact, all the students' start-ups described below did participate into our ERASMUS+ AVITAE Minicompany Fair (Lucca, Italy, Real Collegio, 23rd  Feb 2017). Some of them took part into the Junior Achievement Program and Competition and did quite well: Cyprus' AVITA NOSTRA got the 2nd Prize in Cyprus' recent national JA Competition, as well as the Award for Best Trade Fair Stand, BRACELORDS received the Phoenix Award, at the same competition, and Italian  mini company DEDALO JA got a special Rotary Award at the Tuscan JA Competion on May 25th, 2017.

    Now let's look at the AVITAE minicompanies

    Yellow Submarine vanilla. Production of a traditional vanilla sweet. A kind of vanilla paste diluted into (one spoonful) into a glass of cold water. The product is home made and is based on pure, simple natural ingredients. The new thing is that it is orange or lemon flavored (citrons being one of the main products of the area). Students produced their own samples with the guidance of local ladies.

    Expure exporting company. A company exporting pure, organic, local produce like olive oil, honey, homemade fruit sweets (bitter orange, aubergine, apple etc)and, of course the vanilla mini jars of the previous company.

    Airnet Junior travel agency. A company organizing trips that students have tailored for other students. Trips are organized to some of the most attracting Greek sights, and aim to educate students from other countries  on Greek culture and heritage, but at the same time  they try to show visitors local colour, culture and entertainment.

    CHOIXX, The Context Sensor, is a tool for remote controls that can sense who is watching the tv at the moment by using fingerprint scanners .

    Therefore, the sensor can choose which commercials to show the viewer, so that the companies behind the commercials can hit their target group in a much more efficient way than it has been previously done.

    Zaras mini-company: Adventure Travel is an App that stores a lot of information about different countries; it's basically an app aiming to improve people's vacations with all the information they need to get around places.

    WHAMBI-SHOP is an app that offers trading services for pupils , so that they can sell and purchase second-hand products, and a wide range of office supplies  they need at school; teachers and school staff  are also welcome to purchase through the app. The service also offers private lessons for the younger students (offered by the older ones).

    LINF is an app that offers updated information about La Laguna in a friedly way: places to eat, hang-outs and everything that visitors can need when they come to our city. 

    Avita Nostra is applying modern techniques to create jewelry for the young women of today, using real traditional embroidery work, handmade by Cypriot Village ladies. We buy from small family businesses in Fyti,Lefkara,Anoyira.. supporting this way the preservation of our traditional masterpieces and the survival of such enterprises.

    Say What! gives new life to old computer parts, turning them into a variety of useful objects such as clocks, lampshades, pencil-cases etc. The keys of old keyboards become tiles for WordBeams, a boardgame designed to help children, as well as people of all ages, practise their linguistic and arithmetic skills. Say What! is Turning Old to Sold!

    BRACELORDS promotes the need for reforestation and the preservation of the environment through the creation and distribution of a special bracelet containing seeds. 

    EVENTually organizes events targetting mostly young people and teenager, themed after Social Issues, promoting empathy and collecting money for Charity Support.

    Nordic Software Systems: We are the Nordic Software Systems, five young and eager new entrepreneurs from Finland. Our company proposes app and software development. Our first innovative creation is a very useful and clever cooking app: Chef’s Little Helper: it can help you find the right recipe for the ingredients you have in the fridge ready to use! We are hoping that we can work towards a better and easier future under the northern lights!

    BraMiTour aims to set up a travel agency proposing sightseeing tours in Bratislava: over the years we have seen many school trips coming to Bratislava to learn about the capital city, but children were usually very bored. So, we have decided to offer them adventure, and to let them explore the historical centre in teams; each team will have to accomplish various activities and tasks. Our target group is elementary school teachers escorting children aged 7-10. We are going to use direct marketing to make our product available for our target group. Our expected profit is 214€ till the end of May.

    DEDALO, is a Junior Achievement minicompany: its aim is to offer young students (aged 8-11) theme-based tours of the city of Lucca. There are four tours available: 1) The famous Lucchese Women; 2) Roman Lucca; 3) The Walls Tour; 4) Botanical Lucca. You may think that this is a twice baked idea! Not at all. 

    Dedalo innovates the formula of Kids' guided tours by adding: a goodie bag with a fresh croissant, a water bottle, a banana and the company's gadgets (branded pins and bookmarks) ; quiz-time with fun quizzes to test the children's learning process while amusing them; short  “while-going” performances, dressed-up young guides (average age is 17) and tailor-made tours that follow step-by-step the teachers' syllabi!

    The company is selling well; the break even has already been reached, and over 80 pupils have already benefited from Dedalo's “Learn and Fun”!

    ARCADIA aims to brand, value and implement our Natural History Museum at School in order to make it a tourist attraction in the heart of the city of Lucca..and of our school! Innovation program includes workshop  areas in the museum, gift shop, music corner, a newly designed website and interactive tours for all ages!