A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship

AVITAE (A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship) aims to blend the study of the classical world with the analysis of examples of ancient entrepreneurship: students are going to follow the footsteps of the first entrepreneurs, study the evolution of entrepreneurship through time and finally apply what they have learnt in theory i...

Partners of the project

It is important to get to know our partners of the project. 

Our partner countriesStepMapOur partner countries


Preparing interview to assigned partner school was really interesting for us. Thus, introductions to each partner schools were made by the students of other partner schools according to the following sequence: Finland - Denmark - Greece - Slovakia - Spain - Cyprus - Italy - Finland

Here is the result 


We have created also presentations and videos. Enjoy !








Author: Kornélia Lohyňová
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