A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship

AVITAE (A Virtual Intertextual Tour across Ancient Entrepeneurship) aims to blend the study of the classical world with the analysis of examples of ancient entrepreneurship: students are going to follow the footsteps of the first entrepreneurs, study the evolution of entrepreneurship through time and finally apply what they have learnt in theory i...

11th issue

This is a special issue on the EU, to celebrate 60 years since the ratification of  The Treaty of Rome!

This special issue was highly appreciated by Prof. R. Castaldi (Head of CESUE, the center for the promotion of EU studies and governance in educational systems at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa) and by prof. F. Masini (Dept. of Political Science - Unversity of Rome III) as a top-ranking output on EU issues at students' level!

Author: Tauno Rajaniemi
Last editor: Delia Tocchini