Plan of the activities and tasks of the project

  • November 2014

    Students prepare interview to assigned partner school for the AVITAE Newspaper. The aim is to introduce a partner school to others, based on the interview according to the following sequence: Finland-> Denmark -> Greece -> Slovakia -> Spain -> Cyprus -> Italy -> Finland          


    Students will study old texts - and other historic sources, search in libraries and on the internet, to prepare a Presentation on the life of the people who have lived on the land that is now their country through time - featuring several significant periods - addressing the questions: How was their way of life, what were the most popular occupations, what has changed through time?   


    In international teams students create quiz about the history of entrepreneurship and life in partner countries


    December 2014

    Organize a school contest for the AVITAE logo and collect 3 prototypes to take to Denmark for the final selection of the winning LOGO

    The winning logo comes from Denmark                       

    Create one’s national AVITUS character (through school contest). AVITUS should be the comic character embodying the prototype of our common European entrepreneurial ancestors.

    The winning AVITUS comes from Cyprus                    

    January 2015

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Denmark - focused on Innovation and introduction to the INDEX framework. Students work in international teams and teachers learn how to implement INDEX in teaching.


    Students write articles for our newspaper about their experience in Denmark. They work in mixed international groups

    Result February 2015

    February 2015

    Trading among different parts of the ancient world was quite popular and it has remained so throughout human history. Students will research and study these precious finds through original texts and historical sources, especially those related to their own country, and prepare 3D models of the ships, trade routes, mints….Prepare a case study about your country according to the guidelines given by Greece. The case study should include a written documentation including pictures.


    Money has played a crucial role in trading. At the same time coins are a valuable source of knowledge, as they depict significant events of their time. Students will have to research the coins of their countries from the very beginning of their existence and create a database to share information on each coin featured. Foreign students attending partner schools will participate by collecting information on coins from their homelands to add to the database.


    March 2015 

    Common work: newspaper will feature a shared timeline  for which we will choose 14 dates (2 per country) and write what the situation was at that point in our country e.g. “1453 Greece: Byzantium falls to the Turks 1453 Finland: a part of Sweden and ruled by Charles the V


    Let´s explore Entrepreneurship. Is Entrepreneurship for you?  Take this quiz and you will see. What entrepreneurial characteristics and skills have you discovered in the quiz?  Write your opinion to the Answergarden. Write to the Padlet which 3 skills are your strengths and which 3 skills you need to work on.


    April 2015

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Greece - focused on Entrepreneurial Mind-set and Branding. Students working in international teams have to create their own branding projects and write an article to the AVITAE newspaper


    May, June 2015

    Each partner school will dedicate an AVITAE day to promote and disseminate the work done during the first year of the project. Students will exhibit their work and give presentations to their peers and teachers.


    Schools will organize a videoconference with partners during AVITAE day

    September 2015

    Food has been the protagonist of trading markets since their very beginning. It plays an unquestionably important role in our history. Students will prepare modern version of international menu for Slovak meeting and cook the meals in the school kitchen


    October 2015

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Slovakia - focused on the development of Entrepreneurial skills and Entrepreneurship Basics. Students have the training and work in international teams to create and present the business idea of their possible future business.

    Students cook and present their international menus with innovative twist.


    November, December 2015

    Students write articles to our AVITAE newspaper in international teams about their experience during Bratislava meeting and about “What changes during Christmas in business?”


    Students from all partner schools will cooperate for the digital publication of an old recipes book, inspired by information found in old texts and by traditional recipes which have travelled from generation to generation.

    ResultThe AVITAE Recipe Boo

    January 2016

    Students decide about the layout of the Recipe Book and the final design.

    ResultThe AVITAE Recipe Boo

    Students write articles about Entrepreneurhsip and Innovation in their schools


    February, March 2016

    Students create a work inspired by what a multinational market looked like in the past, in present and in future. They will be able to use any means of art expression - traditional or digital. Works will be presented and exhibited in Spain during the common group activity there. Students discuss and give feedback to each other. 


    Students write articles about "Can innovation be other than products?"


    April 2016

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Spain - focused on using innovative INDEX method to solve environmental problems in Tenerife in mixed international teams.


    May, June 2016

    Each partner school will dedicate an AVITAE day to promote and disseminate the work done during the second year of the project. 


    September 2016

    Students will work in 4 international groups to produce a short film or animation - describing one day in the life of: (a) The Ancient Entrepreneur (b) The Medieval Entrepreneur (c) The 19th century Entrepreneur and (d) The Entrepreneur of the Present"


    October 2016

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Cyprus- students will have a 4 day long intensive course on Entrepreneurship - Workshops conducted by Business people and Entrepreneurs 


    November - January 2017

    Students will combine the knowledge of the ancient world coming from the previous two years with the training they will have received in Cyprus in order to build their own school-based companies. They will decide on their product or service, raise capital, develop their product, brand and market it throughout the school year. Companies from partner schools will form cooperations between them.

    February 2017

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Italy  - focused on the AVITAE Companies Exhibition 


    March - June 2017 

    Students continue working in their companies, Each partner school will dedicate an AVITAE day to promote and disseminate the work done during the third year of the project. 

    Students write articles about their experience and impact of the project on the development of their entrepreneurial mindset and skills.