Tell me more! (asking more questions to the partners)

  • Questions to and answers of our partners.

                       Alhandra -> Wilhelmshaven

    Our friends from Alhandra asked the students from Wilhelmshaven:

          1. Carolina and Joana ask: "What do you do with your friends in your spare time?"

          2. Another question of Carolina and Joana is: "What is the best place to visit in Germany?"

          3.Miguel and Carlos ask about the pirate Störtebecker:"Are there any stories or legends with that pirate?"

          4. The question of Márcia and Maria Clara is: "What's the traditional food in Wilhelmshaven?"

          5. Angelo and Tomás want to know: "What that on photo 8???"

              And here, on the padlet, are our answers (made by students from Wilhelmshaven, class 6a/d)

    Mit Padlet erstellt