My town Alhandra / Lisbon

  • These are the pictures of our Portuguese friends:

    We hope you´ll enjoy all these photos and the texts we wrote and recorded! We had great fun!



    Ukrainian students' favourite pictures of your town

    A nice photo on the background of the residential district. Looks like in Ukraine.

    Valerii, Oleksii.


     SAM_0828.JPGWe like this bus stop because of the graffiti. A lot of students of Lyceum get to school by bus.If only we could wait for the bus in such a place!

    Oleksandra, Tania and Ann


    .Alhandra3.jpgA fishing zone is amasing! Beautiful sea, not crowded walking path.

    Sophia,  Karina

    20170325_175821.jpgThe monument is really beautiful! I wish I could stand nearby.