My town Smila

  • These are the pictures of our Ukrainian friends:

    Our old lyceum and its students

    Taking photo in front of the lyceum

    In the Ukrainian language and literature room with the portrait of Taras Shevchenko (not  the football player),the Ukrainian poet and artist.

    The railway station named after Taras Shevchenko

    At the entrance to the  Museum of Local History

    Listening to stories about the past of the town in the museum

    The statue of the girl from the legend about the foundation of Smila

    Town Hall in winter

    This bank is housed in one of the oldest buildings of the town

    Central square

    Basketball is our favourite outdoor game

    Residential district of BOHDANA

    Smila is joinedby rails to many towns of Ukraine

    Inside this lokomotive and the car  there is the Museum of Railways


    New Orthodox chuch

    Winter view

    Autumn colours

    When Tysmyn river is still with pieces of ice.

    In the town park, valley of lakes