Our favourite photos of your town:Wilhelmshaven

  •   We love this picture beacuse the bridge seems very nice and the picture is very genuine. (Spain)

    We really like this picture because of its colours, the clear water, the green grass, the blue sky and the sun shining on the boat. It is just fantastic!!! (Spain)



    I like the idea of taking photos "in the mirror". Superb! You are lucky to live at the sea.

    Vitalina Kazimko, Smila Lyceum


    It's a very beautiful place. This view is amazing. You can say that economy is developed. I like the ship at the background.

    Ann Halushka, Smila, Lyceum, Ukraine.

    Amazing photo ! As our town is located on the river banks we are fascinated by the sea . The bridge is really huge .

    Tetyana Grechana and Valentyna Mandrova


    I like this photo which shows that your town is located by the sea. it is greate that you preserve historical sites.

    Vadym Boichenko, Smila Lyceum

    It is fascinating view. The town uses its resourses and proximyti to the sea. It does look modern!

    Olekcii Vasylkivskii. Smila Lyceum


    Here´s a Padlet with our comments on your original photos (Portugal). My students got curious and ask you some questions. We would be thrilled if you could answer them! Thanks!



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