Working on our calendar 2017-18 (uniting our towns)

  • Hi there!

    Let's put all the worked down all along this year together! and why not on a calendar for the following school year?

    Have a look at this wall and share your ideas....


    Let's take five pictures for each calendar page:

    Our students made great pictures to present their towns. Now let's take one picture of each town in order to "unite our towns"!

    And here is a suggestion how the pages of our calendar could look like:

            matrix       for our calendar

    We could use these small symbols in order to mark the National Days of our countries and the Europe Day in our calendar:


    And here is a table; we can write down which months we want to work about:

    month partner motto                important dates    (pictures)
    cover Spain flags    
    september Spain our schools 1 (UKraine, Day of Knowledge)  
    october Spain trees and parks (autumn)

    3 (Germany, National Day: Unity Day)

    12 (Sp, National Day)

    november Germany statues (Erik) 1 (Sp, All Saints day)  
    december Portugal Blue

    1 (Portugal)- Restoration of Independence

    6 (FIN, National Day: Independence Day)

    january Germany


    (+ waiting for the sun to reappear)

    6 (Sp, The three wise men)

    7 (Ukraine, Xmas)

    february Spain means of transport    
    march Portugal Churches 19(Sp, father's Day) 30 (Good Friday)  
    april Germany students in activity (Miron) 1 (Easter)  8 (Ukraine Easter)  
    may Germany Green (Dominik)

    1st Sunday (Sp, Mother's Day)

    9 (Europe day) (all)

    june Germany water (Pascal) 10 - Portugal's National Day  
    july Portugal Entertainment    
    august Germany animals (Niclas) 24 (Ukraine, Independence Day)  
    ("good bye"-page)        


    Here you are what I have commented about a google doc to share and edit all of us there