Our favourite photos of your town: Savonlinna

  •  We love this picture because of the high trees and the idea of spending a night in that cottage surranded by a forest and the lake in front is just amazing. (Spain)

     Seeing such a quantity of snow is incredible for us. Also, the wooden path in contrast with the white snow is great. (Spain)


     We love the colours of this photo,. red and blue is mixed and shows a quietness proper of the nature. Lovely! (Spain)

    This picture looks very beautiful. It looks peaceful and romantic. The water looks so blue and it looks clean :-)

    Sinja,Niclas and Emma from Wilhelmshaven


      This picture looks nice because you can see the horizon and the water looks very clean. In our place the water does not look so clean :-(

    From Sinja, BjarneNiclas and Emma from Wilhelmshaven :-)


        This picture looks like a lonely island covered by snow.

                                                                From Sinja,Niclas,Bjarne and Emma from Wilhelmshaven



    The left picture looks very cool because the sky is violett and the snow is violett, too. We think that that is a great Idea for a picture.

    The right picture looks very cool too, because the sky is blue and the snow is blue too. It is nice that you have so much snow. We want it too :-)

    From: Niclas,Lukas and Emma from Wilhelmshaven :-)


    This church looks like a North German church here in Wilhelmshaven.

    Maybe the architects met in university?

                                             From Emma, Sinja and Niclas from Wilhelmshaven  :-)


    Here is our Padlet with the Portuguese students' comments on Savonlinna.


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