My town Wilhelmshaven

  • These are the pictures of our German friends:

       Dear friends, here are the first pictures from Wilhelmshaven - places of our town "in a mirror" :

    "Mirror, mirror (1)": Kaiser- Wilhelm-Brücke (emperor William bridge)


    and the bridge "in reality":

    "Mirror, mirror" (2): the harbour - the mirror is the window of our local theatre:

    "Mirror, mirror" (3): the harbour - the mirror is the water in an evening in april:

    Water is important for us. But not everyone of us is living in the town; some of us come from the villages. We would like to show you the harbour atmosphere of a village, too:

    Bjarne took the picture when he came back from school, from inside the car. You see how it is to come home from school:

     Dykes protect our town against the waves of the North sea:

    And sheep protect the dykes:



    You ask us about "Störtebecker-Park". Here it is: It is a playground.

    That's us, taking pictures in Störtebecker-Park.

    Störtebecker's tower. Störtebecker was a pirat.  And maybe he was a fan of eTwinning ;)  Look!


    Now we show you lake Bant


    It's an artificial lake. It was a harbour for submarines.

    Now you can do swimming or fishing in the lake. Or you can sit there and relax.

    And the national park "Wadden Sea": It is part of Unesco nature world heritage.

    (coming soon)

    And some pictures of our schoolWe have about 800 students.









    There is a library.





                             There is also a canteen.









    The school has three buildings.

    Here is the entrance:

    There are many classrooms:

    Here we work on our project:


    There is an assembly hall, too:

    Lukas and Bjarne in the assembly hall:


    You asked about the town park. We have several parks in our town. The smallest one is the Adalbertpark. It has its name from Prince Adalbert, the brother of emperor William. Here it is: