Our favourite photos of Smila

  • We like this picture because of its colours. (Spain)


    This one because the puppets look very nice on the picture. Also, the statue of the girls represents to us the freedom and strength. (Spain)

    I like the picture with the statue with the broken arrow in the hands. I think that this means peace, because the arrow is broken. I would like to know why you chose the puppets of the little prince and the fox for your picture. (Lukas from Wilhelmshaven)

    This one because it does not snow in our area (last time it was in 2005) (Spain)

    I like your "winter view" because the trees are frozen and behind the trees there is this pretty church. I also like the really white snow. (Bjarne from Wilhelmshaven)

    We do like this picture because the image is great and the birds there are really a good idea. (Spain)

    I like your picture of your town park in the valley of lakes and I like the cranes that hang from the little tree. (Bjarne)

    Obviously, if there is no snow, our rivers are never iced. So, we think it is very nice. (Spain)

    I like the picture of the bank because it is an old house. I like your idea with the currency. I would like to know who is the woman on the banknote. (Lukas)

    I like this picture. It is interesting because I never imagined a Museum in a train. The waggon also looks interesting because it is old. (Bjarne)


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