Our favourite pictures of your town: Alhandra, Lisbon

  • After watching your presentation, the pictures we like the most are:




         We like this picture because it is very colourful and we love fishing. (Spain)






    This one because the monument is great and it seems a huge square. (Spain)

    We like the picture of the Arch and the famous square Terreiro do Paco, too, because it is big and beautiful. We think, that it took a long time to build these buildings and monuments. We can see that it belongs to the capital of your country.

    (Bjarne and Lukas from Wilhelmshaven)





    This one because it may be very beautiful when it is getting dark. (Spain)

     We like this picture, too, because for us it seems like a mixture between the Golden Gate bridge and the bridge here in our home town.  (Lukas and Bjarne)            



      This one because Hercules represents the strength for us.(Spain)   We like the view of the city from the castle. (Spain)



    we like the palm trees and the whole sight. It shows peace. (Spain)       We like the idea of exercise along the riverside. (Spain)  


    we like your school symbol.we don´t have any. (Spain)

      we like the tram.it is very different to ours. (Spain)



    I like the picture with the church of San Joao Baptista, because the church is very different from our churches. I like the white colour. I think, that the white wall of the church goes well with the environment. (Lukas from Wilhelmshaven)

    I like the picture with your dog and the bridge in the background, because I also have a dog. I also like the color of your dog because it describes the dog well. The dog looks so sweet at the river. (Bjarne)

    The picture with the graffiti is one of our favourite pictures. The graffiti is really colourful and realistic. It makes the concrete look better and interesting. (Bjarne)