Our favourite pictures of your town: Vallada



            Our favorite picture is where you sit inside the chapel.

            The picture is full of colours,with flowers and mysterious walls (paintings and marbles).

                       (Lukas and Bjarne from Wilhelmshaven / Germany)







    We like the picture where you sit in the nature, in front of the mountains.

    When we think of Spain here in Germany we usually think of the (mediterranean) sea,but not of mountains. WE LIKE THE MOUNTAINS!

    (Bjarne and Lukas from Wilhelmshaven)


    We like this picture too. Mountains at the backround make it really beautiful.

    (Maria, Anna, Oleksii from Ukraine)



    And we like your pictures of the trees.

    For us it is a surprise that in the lemon tree you already see

    a ripe lemon.

    In the orange tree it is the same.Just there are lots of ripe oranges!

    Here in our region, we don't have any fruits at this time of the year.

                         (Lukas and Bjarne from  Wilhelmshaven)



    We are fascinated by these trees mainly because they don't grow in our area.

    (Dasha, Vitalina, Tanya from Ukraine)





    You seem to like table tennis. Our shool has a table tennis table too, but it's indoors, so we can still play in winter. I really envy your country in general, because I myself, even though I am a Finn, I don't like winter at all. It's so cold. Brrrrrrrr..... It's not for me. It looks so warm there. 

    - Julius, Savonlinna Finland


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