5.3. In action for Night Sky

  • So far, we are aware of the need to protect the night sky. We have learnt stars are important for all civilizations that lived before us and that it is our turn now.

     But ...

    What actions are you taking at home, at school, when you go out in the street, in your town or city, when you go on holidays?.

    And what about schools? Are you taking action and adopting measures to protect the environment whose consequences can lead to a clean sky?


    Click on image and read your partners' answers in the Forum. Write any other proposals you think of.





    IES Vega de Atarfe project


    Paint yellow bins:

    Blueprints for the playground:

    Information posters: 

    Organisation of the educational community: Ecopatrols (Green vests), Support group (Yellow vests) and Cleaning staff (Yellow vest).


    Budapest II. Kerületi II. Rákóczi Ferenc Gimnázium

    Our students have gathered what sustainability means to them and how protecting the environment is reflected in our school.

    In our school selective waste collection is continued and the bottles are compressed.

    Every year, we hold Sustainability Week at our school, when students come up with different programs.

    For example, on a car-free day, classes compete in which group most come on foot or by public transport.

    This year, a clothing exchange program was organized where students brought in their bored clothes and exchanged them. The remaining clothes were taken to a donation shop.

    CEIP Ciudad de Ceuta

    First and fifth grade students promote the improvement of the quality of our atmosphere and night sky, creating green spaces in our school and using recycled materials in our activities.  




    SUGS Gimnazija Josip Broz Tito