00-A star is born: project presentation

  • "They say that every atom in our body was once part of a star, maybe I'm not leaving, maybe I'm going home" ... Vicent's line in the movie GATTACA 

    After working together on "Women with conscience and science. Marie Curie. Looking for eTwinnio" and "Women of the ocean. Oceans of life" we reunite to create a new team and go to the stars.

    New members from Hungary, North Macedonia and Finland have joined. Thanks to the participation in Erasmus+ mobilities in Berlin and Florence links arose between teachers and schools. We just follow the star that joined us and guide to this project

    We start a challenging trip to Astronomy, we will learn about stars from the point of view of Sciences, Technology, Arts & Maths. We think of them as a whole, highlight the contribution of women astronomers, experiment in different areas, promote the right to observe them by considering light pollution, caring our home, The Earth and showing respect for our traditions and European roots.


    Would you like to join us in this trip to find the new eTwinkling Galaxy?