Get your REWARD

  • If you reach this page you did a   


    Now it's time you have your    REWARD

    Click on the image under your galaxy and read about the prize you won

    ANDROMEDA                                               ORION



    MILKY WAY                                  LARGE MAGELLANIC




    And after such a tiring prize you'll need some    RELAX




  • Afer carrying out the breakout, did you get your reward? Show it to us.

    CEIP Ciudad de Ceuta, Spain.

    Carrying out the different experiments and having fun:
    Making a spacerocket; making a spectroscopy to watch the spectrum of the light; looking for iron in our breakfast... Click on the video.

    IES Vega de Atarfe, Granada

    Then of breakout, students from IES Vega the Atarfe have learned more about stars with their reward of experiments. They have enjoyed a lot.