1.4. A logo for our project

  • We need a logo for our project, so it's time for creativity!!


    1.- It can be hand drawing, digital logo design, made with recycled materials ... Your imagination is free!!

    ... but guess what?  It must include stars!


    2.- Every school will present just one logo. You must decide the one representing your school.

    3.- When all the logos are ready we will vote for our favourite

    4.- The winner will be the logo of the project



    IES Vega de Atarfe,


    Budapest II. Kerületi II. Rákóczi Ferenc Gimnázium,


    SUGS Gimnazija Josip Broz Tito,

    North Macedonia

    CEIP Ciudad de Ceuta,



    The time to vote for our project logo has come!!!

    Our stars were creative and made unique logos. It will be hard for us, but let's choose the most beautiful one out of four best logos from each school!


    1. Vote for only one logo

    2. Do not vote for your school logo

    3. Only students that work on this project can vote!

    To vote, click on the link on the image

    Voting will end on Friday, 18th of February, 2022

    We'll have our project logo soon!


    We got the logo for our project!

    Voting for the project logo is over. Students from all schools did a great job with the logo designs. The voting went well and we can be proud to have the winning logo:

    The logo was made by a student from IES Vega de Atarfe school, from Atarfe, Spain. Congratulations!


    Logos from schools


    IES Vega de Atarfe (Spain)

    7th Graders logos

    9th Graders Logos


    SUGS Gimnazija "Josip Broz-Tito" (North Macedonia)

  • Work process

    1st grade of Primary. CEIP CIUDAD DE CEUTA.

    Creating logos.

    5th grade of Primary. CEIP. CIUDAD DE CEUTA

    Logo creation process


    1st graders chose the best logo made by 5th graders and 5th graders chose the best logo made by 1st graders.
    Then, pupils from other classrooms helped us to select the best one which will represent the logo made by students from Ceuta, Spain.

    SUGS Gimnazija “Josip Broz-Tito“

    The challenge is great and the competition is fierce! The results of the work are in front of you!
    The students worked hard because the desire to represent the school is great. They shared their creations on the Google Drive platform.

    IES Vega de Atarfe

    Finding a logo for our project was fun. We found artists who preferred using digital design and others who did drawing. The result in both classes was amazing. Then we voted crossed out: a class voted just for the other class. They couldn't vote their mates but it was funny finding out who did that logo. Thanks to all participants!


    Students have voted to choose the best logo which will represent this project.