4.2. Starry Virtual Museum

  • Here bellow, you have a virtual museum.

    Choose a monument that belongs to the cultural heritage of your city or country which contains stars.

    Share some pictures of it in this virtual museum.

    Write some clues for your partners to find out the monument name.

    You can use as many slides as you need, change the rooms, the colour, add text...

    Click on this link to enlarge the virtual museum. Then, click on "present".

    Just click on the audio to listen to the music or to stop it.


    Link for Budapest Team

    Link for Ceuta Team

    Link to Granada Team

    Link to Skopje Team


  • Did you find the name of the monuments or buildings that belong to the cultual heritage of our cities or countries?
    Yes, I did.
    27 votes (96.43%)
    No, I didn't.
    0 votes (0%)
    Just the name of some of them.
    1 vote (3.57%)
  • Workprocess


    Fifth grade students Discover cultural heritage through the stars with our virtual museum.


    1st grade visit the virtual museum and find out the name of some monuments and buildings of our cultural heritage.

    IES Vega de Atarfe, Spain

    Interesting visit to the museum. Great job!!!