3.2. Legend has it that ...

  • Myths & Legends

    1.-Write legends about a constellation. 

    Choose the legends you would like to work on.


    Atarfe, Spain Andromeda, Milky Way, Large Magelanic,
    Ceuta, Spain Hercules, Vera Rubin 
    North Macedonia Ursa Major
    Hungary Orion


    Link to Legends shared docs

    Link to our book of legends


    2.- Let's write a collaborative legend about the eTwinkling constellation. 

    Each country will make up a short paragraph about it using a different colour:

    Ceuta, Spain: purple.

    Granada, Spain: yellow.

    North Macedonia: red.

    Hungary: green.

    The legend will be included in our collaborative book.

    Click on the text to enlarge it and read the collaborative result.

  • Work process


    Editing the digital book to write the legend of Hercules and the connection of Hercules and Ceuta.

    SUGS Gimnazija "Josip Broz Tito"

    Discovering the secret of the Ursa Major - the constellation that lights up our skies almost every night and keeps our eyes on it!