Mindfulness. Meditation with the stars

  • On this page we will practice MINDFULNESS, Why??

    Watch the video and you will learn how by practising mindfulnes we will focus on our present from a greater awareness, stopping our circular thoughts, accepting all positive and negative emotions, to engage on a greater understanding throught self-observation. With the help of our expert Ms MARIAN MOLINA MÁRQUEZ this will be made easy.


    We will practice MINDFULNESS WITH THE STARS, so first we will learn about the story of The Rainbow Star. Read the tale.



    Now, before starting you Mindfulness session pay attention to your emotional state in this right moment. Complete your 'Welfare Record' to anwer one very important question How do you feel now? . When we finish the session go back to it again and answer the same question. Is there any difference?

    There are four sessions, English and Spanish. Click on the one you want to take today.



  • MINDFULNESS. Meditation with stars.


    Today it has been a very special day. 1st and 5th graders were able to enjoy and feel a mindfulness session thanks to our partner Marian Molina. Watch the video.

    Meditating in class.

    Mindfulness session in CEIP Ciudad de Ceuta guided by our expert collaborator Marian Molina.

    Mindfulness session.

    It was guided by our expert collaborator Marian Molina through videoconference.

    IES Vega de Atarfe. Meditating in class

    Following the instructions of our collaborator Marian Molina made us enjoy of a surprising session full of peace and selfawareness